I’ve been seeing many people posting things that they are thankful for as their Facebook status. Since I’m usually a little late to the party anyway, I thought I’d list 16 things I am thankful for on here to catch up.

1. a God who loves me unconditionally even when I screw up majorly

2. Jerry, he is my partner, best friend, and lover. Without each other, we would not have made it as far as we have.

3. Julian, my first born, he is wise beyond his years. I joke frequently that he is 4 going on 40. His love of John Lasseter and unbelievable insight are just 2 of the bajillion things that I love about this kid. He is all boy, loves to run, jump, yell, yet can be so gentle with his baby sister, and loves to give his mama snuggles and back rubs.

4. Elliot Louise, my tiny dancer. Still so much a baby, but so exciting to get small glimpses of the  lovely young woman she will all too quickly grow into. She is a wonderful mix of rough and tumble and princess. It is so heartwarming to see her interact with each of her siblings. She strives to keep up with her older brother, yet when it is just her and the baby, she is gentle and nurturing to her sister.

5. Amelie Faith, 17 months old today. She is quickly carving out her place within this family. Rarely without a smile on that adorable little face of hers, she is a joy and delight to parent. As she transitions from baby to toddler, even with the occasional melt down she is the sweetest snuggler and best smoocher.

6. A home that is warm that I can come home to and snuggle with my babies. Even though finances are tough for us right now as I finish up Nursing school, I know that I have a home with my precious family in it to return to every day.

7. A job pending my graduation. I will be starting at MMC on the ortho floor in January. It will be such a blessing to my family.

8. Lazy days where I don’t have school, we don’t have to be anywhere, and can hang out at home in our jammies under the blankets, watching movies all day long. Those days are few and far between, but oh so  nice.

9. A wonderful preschool that is both free and my son loves going to. It warms my heart to hear him so excited about what he did at school each day. He has amazing teachers who I couldn’t be more thankful for. They have certainly made this transition so much smoother for us this year!

10. My MOPS group. A super group of Christian women that I can learn, grow, pray, and celebrate with. Despite our differences in parenting styles and backgrounds we are able to come together on our mothering journey. I look forward to the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays each month in anticipation of reconnecting and feeling refreshed after each meeting.

11. Babywearing. It has helped me tremendously in my parenting journey. With Julian having a g-tube as an infant, it allowed me to be hands free, but still holding him as I fed him amongst the tangle of tubes and syringes. I am able to have my hands free while still meeting the needs of my child. As we transitioned from one to two children and then two to three, babywearing helped me to get through each transition that much easier. Not only that, but I have met some pretty awesome mamas thanks to babywearing!

12. Stephanie and Terra. Two amazing, long time girlfriends of 15 years or so. Despite our busy lives, we are able to catch up and reconnect like no time has ever passed since our last chat. I love that we each had little girls in 2009 and am excited to watch our children grow up together. I am so proud of the mothers that these ladies have become.

13. Carrie. A really great friend, mama and wife. She is a joy to call friend and we always have a great time. There isn’t anyone I’d rather shake my booty at Zumba with. 😉 I look up to her and her husband as an example of a wonderful couple that brings joy to many lives.

14. My family. My family has been a great source of support as Jerry and I have tackled both parenthood and Nursing school. Whether it has been financially, child care, prayer, or well wishes, we are equally thankful for each and wouldn’t be as far as we are without any of it.

15. Connected Parenting. Over the past several months, I have met an incredible group of women. I have never come across such an amazing group as this. Full of support and encouragement, these parents band together in a time of need as well as offer vast knowledge in many areas in parenting and just about any other field you could think of. I feel blessed to have happened upon this group. I just wish that they weren’t in Peoria.

16. Cosleeping. As I log off here to head to bed, I think about what is waiting for me upstairs. I’m sure both Jerry and Julian are snoring on one side of the bed and sprawled out on each other. On the other side is Amelie, curled up on her tummy. Elliot starts out in her own bed, but will surely make an appearance in mine before morning. I will go upstairs and scoot everyone over enough to snuggle in myself. Although some nights I would love to stretch out and claim my own space, bed sharing is one way I am able to reconnect with these tiny humans in my life and get some extra snuggles. They won’t want to sleep in my bed forever. In a blink of an eye, these days will be long past and I’d like to think I’ve gotten in as many snuggles as I possibly can.



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